Bill Morneau, Hands Off Our Small Businesses!

Bill Morneau, Federal finance minister, has launched an all-out assault on small businesses across the country. Punitive tax measures are about to unrolled that will cripple small businesses and their owners, putting middle-class jobs and prosperity at risk. Morneau and Trudeau have unfairly demonized legitimate businesses as tax cheats as an excuse for this brazen tax grab.Their claim that this will only raise taxes on the wealthiest 1% is a LIE, along with a host of other false claims.

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People often ask me for specific examples of the impacts, those can be found here.

Instead of engaging in meaningful tax reform, the ministry of finance has issued an insultingly short "consultation period" of just 75 days, half of which occur over the summer vacation. They seem intent on sneaking through the biggest tax change in decades while Canadians are out doing other things.

A copy of these proposed measures are available here.

People often ask me for specific examples of the impacts, those can be found here and also here.

If you value the contributions that small businesses make to our communities and economy at large, Take action Now ! The proposed tax changes must not be allowed to pass quietly, if at all.

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