Liberal MP's will realize there is a popular tax revolt underway only when their inboxes become completely snowed under with critical letters... Here's a sample you can read.

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Here's my letter to my local NDP MP, Richard Cannings.

I was satisfied with his reponse and I hope the NDP continue pressuring the Liberals over the stock-options break for the wealthiest 0.01%, and why they caved in to Morneaus' friends from Bay St.

Doctors are Particularly Upset

And you will be too when you read their stories.

Take this emergency room doctor.

Or this ObGyn who got a particularly dismissive and smug canned response.

Like many of us, having followed all the rules her entire career, she was duly offended by statements such as ""when some people pay less than their fair share of tax...."

This sort of dishonest rhetoric is not really surprising though, considering the outright contempt shown by this guy.

Take it from the Professionals

Many tax professionals have been voicing their opinions. They know their clients far better than the government does, and are more than happy to work with government in a genuine consulation.

This letter in particular is extremely thorough - pointing out numerous fallacies and consequences of the proposals. 

The Revolt is Building

On August 30th, a coalition of 35 business organizations with over 200,000 members across the country presented a letter to Morneau.

Their recommendation to the Minister is simple:

- Take these proposals off the table.
- Launch meaningful consultations with the business community to address any shortcomings in tax policy without unfairly targeting independent businesses.

Since the letter was issued, the coalition has continued to grow, with new organizations joining every day. Updated list can be found here.

Some BackBenchers are Listening

Most people are getting some pretty awful canned responses, but one MP seems to be listening and understands this is bad policy.

A potential entrepreneur wrote to Stephen Fuhr, MP for Kelowna-Lake Country, got a very positive response.

And another Liberal backbencher, Julie Dabrusin, has written to Morneau on the concerns of he constituents. 

Stephen Fuhr and Julie Dabrusin, thankyou for your efforts to knock some sense in Morneau.

He and Trudeau are going to drive the Liberal bus over the electoral cliff in 2019 unless you MP's can wrestle back control of the steering wheel.

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