Take Action

Don't let this incredibly bad legislation pass quietly, here's some action you can take now.
This convenient tool can help you get started:

Prepare a Response to the Ministry of Finance

Send it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Be sure to follow the instructions with respect to submission formats and confidentiality, instructions can be found here.

The folks reviewing these submissions are largely going to be civil servants who are simply following orders from above. Accordingly, focus on letting them know the unintended consequences that this legislation will have. Provide ideas on how they can improve it to make it truly fair.

Save your rage for the folks whose jobs are on the line - your elected MP's - specifically: Liberal MP's.

Notify your Nearest Liberal MP

The Trudeau liberals are counting on this piece of highly targeted class warfare to slip by the voting masses largely undetected. Let them know this is not the case and it's going to cost them in Votes and political support, big time !

A convenient list of Liberal MP's is located here. I 

Select your nearest Liberal MP, whether you vote in their riding or not, follow the link to their parliament page, and give them an earful. Be polite and respectful but otherwise don't hold back.

Written submissions mailed or faxed to their office tend to have higher weight than emails. You can mail letters to the house of commons for free - no postage ! Instructions HERE 

Feel free to browse these letters for ideas on content.

Notify Justin Trudeau

Bill Morneau has a mandate to squeeze more money out of taxpayers, but don't forget that Justin Trudeau's his boss. Given the disrespectful contempt he has shown to small businesses, make sure he gets the message:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , fax (613) 947 0310

Show Up at a Liberal Party Event and Give Them Heck !

You can find out what's going on in your area thanks to this convenient link.

Show up at their event, give those MP's a piece of your mind. Let them hear and see your opposition in person. Distribute flyers. Do what it takes to get the message across:  "This is not a popular move and it will cost you votes."

Notify your Own MP

If your riding is not held by a Liberal, be sure to contact your MP regardless. Here's my letter to my local NDP MP.

Working in opposition to the sitting government, it's their job to hold the federal Liberals to account.

You can find your MP and their contact details here.

Join a Protest, Attend a Town Hall

Many groups are beginning to organize protests and town-hall meetings.
These changes affect All small business, so please show up to an event in your area !

Penticton Small Business Town Hall - Penticton BC - Friday September 29th at 5:00pm - Great to see something in my hometown !
Concerned Ontario Doctors - Toronto ON - Sunday October 1st at 1:00pm
Federation of Medical Women in Canada - Ottawa - Saturday September 16th at 3:00pm

Lobby Your Professional or Business Associations

If you are a member of a professional association, business group, chamber of commerce or other similar organization, get in touch with them and ask that they lobby the government on behalf of its members.

Support the Canadian Federation of Independent Business

The CFIB was founded in 1971 on a battle of taxation principles in support of small business. Since then it has lobbied tirelessly on behalf of small business owners across the country with impressive results.

You are likely too busy working at your business to actively lobby beyond the tips on this page; join CFIB and let them continue with the heavy lifting. They are pitching to the media, getting the story out there and making sure it becomes a front and center issue with the rank and file voters.

You can become a member of CFIB here.

Sign an Online Petition

Petition Directly to House of Commons

Extend consultation for proposed changes to private corporation taxation - 7/18/17

Stop Unfair Tax Changes: Access to Canada's Health Care Threatened

Canadian Female Physicians Urge Federal Liberals: Reverse Proposed Changes To Corporations

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